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  • Don't Stop

    Sometimes I just feel like:

    Fuck it
    Screw it
    I don't want to do it
    Smashed it on the floor cause
    I'm about to lose it
    Man, I blew it
    Guess it's time to cruise it
    I just want to forget so
    Tonight I'm gonna booze it
    If you try to wake me up
    I'm going to go ahead and snooze it
    Going to stay in bed and
    Listen to some music

    But then this rapper on the radio says:

    If you really want it then go out and prove it
    No matter how many times
    You think you blew it
    And no matter how many times
    You just want to say screw it
    If you lose your battles here
    And start to think that you can't do it
    Then you'll never win this war
    Unless you're still willing to prove it
    It's probably going to hurt but
    You already know how to take a bruising
    You can't win every battle but
    You'll never know until you lose it
    Even if you think you're losing
    It's not over until you stop moving
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    Another great write. Would like to hear you performing this - do you have it recorded?