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Penitential Man

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  • Penitential Man

    I pray Thee please forgive me Lord, in wickedness, I be;
    I seek Thee now, I pledge, I vow; I beg Thee, pity me.
    Ne’er heel or wane come woe or pain ’till found the Hallowed Gate;
    in mercy’s plea allow me be; to walk this road to faith.

    In greed defiled, of vile a smile; forgotten Thee, Thy name:
    from Thine embrace, I broke disgraced, temptation’s sweet refrain.
    In affluence, in arrogance, I spurned the Hallowed Gate,
    for what, pray earn, to Thee return; to walk this road to faith.

    Of vile a tongue, my winnings won, did bid with evil eye;
    I paid no heed when I deceived, in devilry and lie.
    In wealth I thought I’d want for naught, ignored the Hallowed Gate;
    I’ve rid the lot; forbid me not to walk this road to faith.

    I rode the cur with rein and spur through evil’s dark domain;
    I sought the leers from racketeers, inciting their disdain.
    As bad as them, ne’er gave a damn, I cursed the Hallowed Gate;
    pray, now repent, this penitent; to walk this road to faith.

    From dark the sways of yesterdays, ’tis Thee I’ve come to find;
    be Thee, my way, what come, what may, of Thee, my heart and mind.
    Let waters pure ne’er cease to cure when open Thee, Thy Gate,
    and wash this stain from whence my shame; when walk this road to faith.

    Fear be nigh, beware the lie, deceptions and betrayals,
    through weak and might I’ll seek Thy light, for light o’er all prevails.
    Forgiving Thee, oh welcomed me, behold the Hallowed Gate.
    Ne’ermore offend, until the end; I’ll walk this road to faith.

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    Beautifully rhymed from start to end Tony.


    • Tony Grannell
      Tony Grannell commented
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      Hello RhymeLovingWriter, Delighted you found the rhyme, beautiful. Thank you very much. Regards, Tony.

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    An eloquently stated plea!


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      Delightful and the rhythm and flow is outstanding not to mention content.


      • Tony Grannell
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        Hello AlexandratheLate, Thank you ever so much for your lovely response, it is truly appreciated. Regards, Tony.