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Memorial Day

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  • Memorial Day

    I hate Memorial Day!

    Somehow I must remember
    things I try so hard to forget .
    Interrupted innocence ,
    dreams Interrupted by
    visions of horror.
    Friends met, then lost
    by no choice of our own.
    We were not heroes.
    We were children.
    Boys never To become men.
    Left over men.
    Life survived.
    Living lost .

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    How sad that we as humans are determined to destroy each other.


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      Hard day for me
      Thank you


      • AlexandratheLate
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        Thank you for your service and I am sorry for all you went through and go through and all the men and women who were willing to give up their lives to defend us and their beliefs. Very sad for all the lives lost and destroyed.

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      Thank you for your service RT! Your heart will always be heroic!


      • rhymetime
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        Thank you Bobby

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      rhymetime in these few lines emotions overflowing of a grief that still resides in you- a grief that is shared by so many not only on Memorial Day but every day.
      My heart is heavy. I share the difficult day and shed tears for the boys. The boys and girls now men and women all grown on the outside who mourn the youngsters that never had that chance. And as I witness the tears fall I see the child in them on the battlefield, the rice paddy, the hospital, the helicopter or homeless on the city streets.
      Wonderful poem.
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      • rhymetime
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        Ms. Suz-zen

        I am not able to respond to this as deserved. You wrote "as I witness the tears fall i see the child in them." Every tear has a face and a name.
        I can only thank you for sharing and understanding this experience

        PS: let me recommend a book- The Things They Carried. By Tim O'Brien.
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      • Suz-zen
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        you did not even have to respond. 'Every tear has a face and a name'...beautiful
        I will look for the book. It sounds familiar.