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    I love once upon a time,
    fairytales and rhyme,
    loves true kiss and
    happily ever after .

    I love Mother Goose
    and Dr. Seuss,
    Big Bird singing
    ABC-DEF-GHI-JKL-MNO-PQR-STU-VWX-YZ (look it up).

    I love tickling
    and giggling,
    laughing ‘till
    it hurts.

    I love kisses
    and wishes,
    and hugs.

    I love ignorance
    and innocence,
    happiness and
    pure love.

    I love life unanalyzed,
    simply realized,
    just for today.
    Take no thought for tomorrow.

    I love idealism.
    That’s my realism.
    There is more “real” in joy
    than ever found in fear.

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    I read here - the answer is always love when there is fear.
    Yes , the old philosophy has merit about the I examined life. And also much truth in live and live in the moment !!

    JOYFUL! With abandon! 5th Stanza
    rhymetime A good thought for today! Live for the day! Love. Laugh.


    • rhymetime
      rhymetime commented
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      Thank you so very much. This verse reflects my particlar overall view and preferences. I fear that perhaps it discounts true fear. I know that fear is real and often a justifiable emotion that love cannot overcome. The last verse, i may well change as i am not sure that it is fair to the fearful.

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    A very winsome way to go about one's life and death. My guess is that it takes a great deal of learning-from-suffering to reach this point. It is irresistibly unarguable, holy folly; a sheer wall from which the shrewd, sceptical, restless, and anxious drop like dust, and float.


    • DWAYNE
      DWAYNE commented
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      There is poetry, even in your commentary!

    • rhymetime
      rhymetime commented
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      I agree with DWANE, your commentary is indeed poetic. Please understand that this whimsical verse is not necessary my reality, but it is my love and prefernce. These are the things that calm my soul. I can't accept that we must be cynical. If that makes me a fool, then a fool I shall be. But, I am not a fool. A dreamer, perhaps, not a fool.
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    • grant hayes
      grant hayes commented
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      I am most definitely a fool, rhymetime, but not a holy one.

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    There is much to love here rhymetime. Your thoughts make me smile.


    • rhymetime
      rhymetime commented
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      If i can make you smile, then I can smile as well

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    This is a good place to be Rhymetime when a person can enjoy all the wonderful things you mentioned in your poem.


    • rhymetime
      rhymetime commented
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      Thank you. I can enjoy all those things. That does not blind me to the harsh realities of life. It only serves to remind me that there are simple joys interwined with the misery

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    A optimistic view of life, for sure.


    • rhymetime
      rhymetime commented
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      Thank you DWAYNE. This verse is not necessarily my view of life. This is simply the cove in which I hide when life becomes harder than I can tolerate. I do not minimize fear or pain. I know them both up close and personel. I would prefer the simple joys.