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  • Destroyer of Worlds

    I am Death.
    I pillage and rob,
    I plunder and steal.

    I am the Reaper.
    Lives I do stop--
    I'm more than surreal.

    I am all Darkness.
    I hide all escape,
    And love I conceal.

    I'm the Dark Angel.
    I spin pain in my web
    While you rock and you reel.

    I am the Grim.
    You fear me but know
    You cannot appeal.

    I am the End.
    While you wish to stay,
    You know its just zeal.

    I am Ruin.
    I crack souls like wheat
    And smile as you squeal.

    The Wielder of Scythe.
    Enchanting, I know,
    When I force you to kneel.

    Bringer of Wars.
    I kindle bloodlust
    Till love you can't feel.

    I'm the Thief of Souls.
    I draw you nearer
    And make a false deal.

    The Master of Lies.
    I trick you until
    Only I seem real.

    Maker of Tombs.
    I drink all your life
    Like a bloodsucking eel.

    Ender of Fate.
    I decay all good things
    Till no one can heal.

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    A very potent write, and I loved the kenning-like names of death! Serious as it is, however, I could not help the smile that stole over my face whilst I read this - it fits your moniker so well!


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      N. Y. Sonnet haha, thank you so much. And it is one of my favorite topics, so it pretty much should be expected Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting!!!


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        my kinda write!


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          amenOra haha, thanks!


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            Dark, eloquently poetic.


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              😊 thank you DWAYNE!


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                terrifying and wonderful!


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                  Thanks so much, lunar glide