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    Oh to the joys of being single

    Oh to the joys of being single
    Go out when I want to mingle
    Don't need to ask permission
    To go out for trout fishing

    I hear there is plenty of fish
    Harder to get one in my dish
    Tickle a trout before its time
    Slap its answer to tickle crime

    Maybe time for a Zoosk visit
    On display like a caged exhibit
    Be careful not to annoy the animals
    Online mating meets Discovery channel

    Or perhaps try being Elite
    Says will help likeminded meet
    Like my mind please like my body
    I look like I ate all the pasties

    Strike a match light up the dark
    So many looking for a spark
    Get out my Van de Graf Generator
    Ain't seen nothing yet wait for later

    So ladies come try a Cornish fool
    Smiles and laughter golden rule
    Online dating still await
    Arrival of fun soulmate