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    --- The Eggse ---
    -- Part ! -

    Broken open again, the rockes and The Oceanias.
    There is a difference, aways in my sway, vistas
    Unessayed, assailable, and fructive; to say the least,
    My verbosity is pomposity, and my titular is specious.
    To deny my righte as Human being to SuperSede:

    This drab marble mottage, built with my Elven Hammer.
    It never ever left my sight, lest it was summer, and my Brother
    Used it for the cutting of some tree; as because we weatered
    Ten some-odd years beneath that grueling sun, our parched
    Skin faced that Sun so long we became Eachother ---

    Which was which, we did not comprehend, and always ben't.
    To call, by line in the winds, as sparks to my skin! Smarts!
    In the wordless Nest, laye the three vampires, vibreous.
    Fibers held the egg up n the ayre; The bats hung next to them
    Always hungrye as well as thirstye, and there are Ghostes

    Of former Sucke'd Soules, whose empty shells lye naked,
    Vibrant, and stretched between each other's minde.
    Inter-linked, Infra-recon Forgets. Historic Jungle City;
    Knife fight where I kept my cool and a torn shirt was all
    I needed to see done; the dagger was swiftly taken....

    Cittegazze: Where Lyra and Will waited at the bottome.
    There was a mighty well, torches thrown down would tell
    The ones below, it's time to come, it's time to come.
    And of course, you'd always expect that ringing bell.
    It was in the end the world's way of shaking Hell's Bell's.

    My Ball was Midenighte, too, and I also came, With All Eyes.
    On me, there was no dagger, and I disappeared into the Sky.
    No wing to unflap, after I left, no fingerprint. No Guess.
    Worry and at the angel's behest, continue that and say Sorry.
    The Oneiros Glykos are here, and they Need No Envy.

    While watching all the Enemies parade around, and parting wayse.
    Entoned, were your words, which I never thought were wrong;
    That I never knew could Kill someone, Until It happened to Us.
    We left our eyes beneath the dark, and listened; breathing....
    Some steam from the eggs filling the cave with a maroon-ish daye.

    Could they, who so deemed us fit to rule Ourselves,
    Have rule over Cosmic Helles? And why, breeding Free-will,
    Does mother Sometimes Mercy Kille? I need not tarry long!
    My sister's gone, smy sister's gone, and there're the stars---
    She pointse past the Man. And the man looks towards the moone.

    There is air that chill'd even he, who enjoyed cold;
    The aspes, Aspen And the Absent Passionate Embracelessness.
    I couldn't wrap my head around the thought,
    A plot, my word, the worlde of Gode, and some Lawes?
    I thought: Why not? Let us end the world, and Kill them all.

    We survive together. But No, that is the same scenario.
    I do not waste time like that; We have actually located
    The source, in five-to six-dimension crystals. xrystai-- xhao--
    Well, deep in the Core of the Earth, where the Center
    Open hearted Ahuva --- Those Maintaining Equanimity;

    Establishing order through worde or deede;
    Actually makin adifference. Living, community.
    My lightninge strikes, and cess, and gief,
    No less than the blood on every street on earth,
    Right, Kenneth Patchen? My endless Friende--

    Dido, your ship never made i; for the Good of you,
    And yours. But we still awaite your Address.
    Good Cominge ' You Soon. I end this one, too.
    Abraxas, with your tongue, lick clean
    The skye of flyes which plague us so.