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  • Yøu Break Again

    You break my heart against the splash'ed rockes;
    No foe around, nor enmity; you laugh, with mirth,
    Senselessly; Your thrashing hair tied in a knotless curl;
    By windows broken in, and something turning Lighte;
    By the screams of your Undaunted delitae! -- O I've

    Wandered through that Senseless Nod, Harpsichord;
    My worde, my Worke, my Worlde, Says Gode; His Code.
    Not Mine, to be mined, to be mirthlessly en'chained,
    By his rivulets of sweat, and her purple V of Silver curls,
    Anyway. The thrills, not cheap, and unused to these;

    My broken heart again, the rockes like Wise Old Men;
    Names that hover and hang above, my world,es in flame.
    Tire treds, horsetracks, dynomite, and the bettes,
    Betteing to Lose; A bad day in the Dark Corners
    Of Paradaisial Darke; My worlde, you left me Duste;

    Am I to say which touches what? -- That you would deign
    I could not; and that I became so loyal to Amplifye
    My new arrivale, the sundry, drop of sun, dying. Drying,
    Thicker around the edges, like coffee; Burnt until Stale.
    Diet Anything, and my worlde and my worde Fasten's.

    And by the indescribable torching, the beating
    Against that frame; The releasement, guilt, My Starre;--
    How grown you've sized, to know a taller S. Setatron.,
    My wondress, addictive, and always met with sincerity.
    To searche, and seethe, to frothe in the weedes.

    Your wordse, Hse says, that sound as gossamer
    I lest looking at you Leave; break eye-sight; steer away.
    No siren and no Amblicus. Where are you, where are you?--
    It is not because my choices, I try to deny;
    But my choices made me! Deliberate, as if that Code

    Were Eternity. Mining something, Ore, tempests,
    Codes of fallen wing'less angels, Tears scratching down
    The sky, like nails, like fingernails, to have to descry
    You and that sultry Witch-hunt, while I stay Silent.
    I sigh, I break my heart against the rockes, And Crye..

    The day is Grey, and I know your Spelle; My Wickedesses--
    That is what I am:Weapon of the Godes, fortune'd.
    As ever, that distant nothigness, my paradise plain.
    No one inside but them. They dance upon the heads
    Of Hell and heaven Thus transformes. They smaller Size,

    As if Zip to Kneel to Spiel to Stye! You never let me go.
    Commande, to spye, and Odine Walking with Staff.
    You cannot see him, you never see him! He sees you.
    Now, by the Druid pale sackcloth, and the stitching.
    The sumptuous feastes, in forests so dark the fire died,

    Again. And we cut down everything, the trees, the rocks
    We beat our heart against, to cut ourselves down,
    How guilty we were, as Angels without Feeling. Dawne,
    You came to me drest, wrapt, swad'dled, and Sate
    Next to me, and you Sate on my Lap. You smiled, didn't frown.

    We talked for hours as the sun Moved. For us,
    The wind shaped the leaves moving in shadows,
    I wanted to use you, to become something More, with Trust.
    I touched your elbow, and pray'd -- Always remember that Day.
    I thought you might have heard me say.

    I thought you may have heard me say. Nothing.
    The rain on the window, the window in my dreamse;
    A square infinite-- How, It just becomes, a Trinity.
    No Houri nor Morai Te Fates are Closed'Eyed.
    I can look into your eyes a million miles away.

    How ample the depth, and how colossal the length;
    Better, for you to then Play? For one, Aleph 0.
    My worlde the Lione Rules. Capricorn is on the map.
    The co-ordinates change in stochastic measure;
    Randomosity is Not True. Distribute between Integer.

    Equal Nothing. While the Godes above frothe in anger,
    And Gode Himselfse Laughs at Us All. He made you.
    He made this, he made love, and death, torpor in ships
    Sinking on fire, all the Poetries, And all the Samurai--
    Swordse Weilded like broken rules, and Crafte. A lie---

    Zero Nothing. Flame flit from split seething wave;
    Drop, or bubble, or grain, or eye. You all tunnel Me Away.
    My worlde in th's sky, Garudae -- Pterodactyllic--
    What is His Voice, and When Does he Singe? Auto-didactic,
    To tell because you want to be told, Wrong and rightes.

    You the auto-phage, eating its head, watching it spread.
    Painted eyes upon its stomach; Voodoo Head-Shrinke--
    Shrieke From Banshee-- Black waters and no other color.
    Deade moonelighte drifting up from the waters,
    Because it isn't even. there. Because it isn't even there.

    And doors to keep you Wondering, as Misplaced as Rhyme;
    That is the difference, the scheme here is Mine,
    And the sultry debasement, and the sun spit, dripping.
    His lipse, drinking from the Fountaine-- Endess even the End.
    How can I be without Existing, and can I extinguish myself?

    My masque fell off long ago, and I watched you go,
    Humanitye, who live in the world belowe, ans Mockinges
    Bitten, bitter, Biting. Incisive, and shockeing, demeaninge.
    And the keyse, the elevator ride up and down, the Insect.
    Biting me biting you--I am forcing I am forced upon you.

    Animal Lustiche, and the Lordes Above Thrashinge,
    Beatinge, Poundinge against the walls -- Delite, Unless
    Unless. There by the fireside, and the stream River Black.
    We sat, and had a fire, as the water didn't stop.
    It still hasn't! There we were, neither did we stop.

    The phone call with spider's owne silke
    In my ear that webs, by century, the Milke
    Of her fated prize-- The one she Final'ly caught,
    Wrathful, and Arachne Sees Alle, Nihil Fit.
    And she shakes to drink up that yarn, that ilke.

    No word from Vain Inanities matters to me;
    The meaning is meaningless; it Boggles me.
    I am forced to listen to the Wordes thrown at me.
    I' forced to see by the side of th' roade,
    That figure; the same one On the mountainse.

    Billowing, billowing. Not even an Element.
    Invisible, but not even referenced, His Hexagram
    Traced, Pentacle Erasure. Turning me Froz'n.
    That bridge between myself and what I could do---
    Brok' pieces against the rockes which they singe frome.

    Their dear hair wrapt round, and covering the breast;
    We love each other, and speak or not. And when we Shreik,
    We get the worldes lot and the training we Seek, Arrested.
    Unable to move as he moves that long, shadow Finger'.
    Here we lye in my dreamse, in my bed, and thine Anointmentse.
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    Frejja's Daye---

    Guten Tagge--- Estas Veing'tz, L' Saucy, Auctioneer--
    Vane that by my eye I see stopping the repeating clocking
    My heart is too much for one person even me myself,
    Arch-men and -women, Skiing down slopes Alone, again.
    A lysis if my days become, and they already have, she said.

    No worde as all you do til my wordse stopped to thing,
    Stepping to thought, I brought my universe with me!
    Good that I live in this Age, the Aion Renewed. It happens
    Only once, and As do I, the truth. As I never shall speak
    Of myself as Untrue, Frejja, nor Unfree, like you.

    I challenge:Within my grasp a glass made Momente--
    Your Left hand starts to enter my right side.
    The Oneiro-- wanderers in the Asiatic plainse---
    Dreame'Godse, reawakening. Quetzal, and Cuahuatl.
    Yang'tze shore, and Barbados, aflame, Amore--

    Cuban Cigarettes, my fear of touching this;
    Probably poisoned, all of this I said, and Iam
    Still saying, so I continue, Such stolen goodes,
    That even Gode himself had to laugh at the Deale;
    Over the trees he drape'd his poison webs!

    In their eyes he shook the Basaltic Sea
    And broke in ha'f the New Madrid Fault.
    Time-zones were all cancelled-- Red flashing Dawne.
    Fear, Imaginal, tearse in the gasoline fumes
    Sticking to the shiny faces. The Fourth of July.

    My tie, and my Holy Entire Ensemble of Spiritse,
    Laughinge, the Aliense have No Fear.
    Have No fear, have the Aliense, Have no Feare-
    For my eyes, I gain one, further on, when out
    This tunnel I ride and compeer this Route.

    Sealed like the line between us lost in the desert sands
    Winds like the sidewinder Snaking, rockinge away.
    Almost like swimminge, is a better way to saye that;
    The desert fathers somewhere hidden, as that
    Thief who Stole the Tunnel Filled with Golde---

    His majesty, A voltage Given, and truth, That Rate,
    His eye was poked out before we met him---
    We poked out the other, and strung his bonese
    Across our chest, and beat our drums against his head.


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      A feral filigree of everything; dizzying, vertiginous, personae-steeped reel of plunge and soar; tumult of dire wonder.


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        encyclopedic poetry like no other!