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  • Evolution

    Decade after decade
    Everything we knew is about to change
    Looking back may hurt
    But a sweet remembrance can burn

    Time sweeping its hands
    To convert from mere children to man
    A simple lifeform with a head of dreams
    Brought to life by technology

    The final century
    On the edge to modernity
    Cultural and historical demise
    The reasons why, we're left to surmise

    Seconds melt like sand
    Constantly shaping this stable land
    Everything changes as we speak
    Everything that happens, all foreseen

    The evolution of life
    The future is becoming the truth
    Dreaming of a world of peace and no strife
    And this gaudy modernist view

    Darwinist beliefs
    Changes to how we live and breathe
    To lose or perhaps to gain
    With little sensation or immense pain

    Hopes for the future
    As long as our souls are sutured
    If we can make it through
    Before a harsh adieu