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The Pain Between Us

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  • The Pain Between Us

    Broken eyes mean something
    Something's not right
    Bloodshot with the grief
    And you wonder why
    You need to feel this way
    Every day, it makes you cry
    Don't want to see a friend suffer
    It really hurts me from inside

    A fallen face suggests one thing
    That tragedy has struck
    Never smiling anymore
    About to crack up
    So hard to hide your sorrow
    When it's clearly seen
    I never want to see a friend suffer
    It only wakes up the sensitive side of me

    And I can feel, how you feel
    I feel my own weakness
    Restless minds feel connected
    The pain between us

    Silence doesn't suit you
    You were born to be happy
    Not when this anguish
    Implants its seed
    So what, if they berate me
    For how I feel for you
    No one is to suffer alone
    In their own sorrow and grief
    Despite what these bastards say
    Let me hold you, let me nurture you

    Trust me to be with you
    Trust me to collect your tears
    And to have all your scars
    Because, I care for you
    I care for you
    I relate to you

    A reference to a real-life incident that happened in 2004. Never forget it...