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    More than once!

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    Thanks Tony.

    Yes, this is a travesty.

  • AlexandratheLate
    Rumors can surely assassinate a person.

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  • Tony Grannell
    Hello Dwayne, I found this to be extremely upsetting, sickening in fact.. Like an evil rumour-monger twisting the dagger in the corps of innocence. Your poem is as powerful as it is worrisome. Regards, Tony. .

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  • Suz-zen
    I read about this and have been saddened. I feel this raw emotion. DWAYNE

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    started a topic Carousel of Rumours

    Carousel of Rumours

    The temerity.
    To call this moral vacancy,
    this carousel of rumours
    calculated to rouse the patsy frenzy,
    To sully a young man's name,
    whom merciless bandit
    hastened to the grave,
    and call it

    The anguished matron,
    steeped in mourning,
    plead them,
    who would not spare the dead
    yet a second mangling,
    nor his kin
    the dreaded witness of an atrocity,
    whom revelled in
    monstrous innuendo,
    so devoid of decency,
    they neither blink nor blush,
    nor feign the constitution of such,
    refrain from baseless,
    slanderous disrepute,
    in vain.

    For since,
    cadaverous rest
    doth rob the breath of umbrage,
    the sadists whom,
    one imagines
    ripping the wings from butterflies,
    for sport,
    in pre-pubescent days,
    and have since graduated
    to rampant character assassination,
    in their later years,
    in unbridled supposition,
    opportunistic mendacity,
    the pilfered dignity
    of a murdered son,
    bludgeoned, yet again,
    by flagellating strokes
    upon a page,
    and ceaseless
    unscrupulous musings,
    for morbid titillation.

    That their souls
    are rotten to the nub,
    any fool can tell,
    pray the Almighty
    stoke infernal embers,
    for when
    they all,
    will burn in hell!


    A young man was fatally murdered in, what appears to be a botched robbery.

    The young man happened to work for the Democratic National Committee, and thus some conspiracy theorists, eager to divert attention away from the Nation's Highest Office, theorized, without a shred of evidence, that the young man was in fact, murdered, to cover up his participation in the now infamous, DNC hacking scandal.

    The Deceased's family begged these unscrupulous rumour mongers, to refrain from sullying the young man's reputation, in vain.

    My outrage, at those merciless scoundrels, has culminated in this poem.
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