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Imploring the Moon

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  • Imploring the Moon

    The moon is rightly believed to be the star of the spirit
    that saturates the earth and fills bodies by its approach
    and empties them by its departure
    the blood even of humans increases and diminishes with its light
    and leaves and herbage are sensitive to it
    the same force penetrating into all things.
    - Pliny

    Hoary root
    Like a fat turnip discarded
    On the ground of dark endless sky

    You are thin like a curved stalk
    Of white asparagus

    Illusive animals
    For centuries have nibbled at you
    Teeth indentations remain

    I call out implore you
    To nudge my eyes outside their stanchions
    They need to journey here

    Amid a Garden of Earthy Delights
    To savour the scents and pleasures
    you already hide
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    There is beauty in the blunt phrases, honest artistry, as is your signature.


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      original delight Tanner


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        You write with such invigorating perspectives on the 'ordinary' things of life - at least, the things we take for granted, such as the moon... And you always capture beautifully the essence of that which you are spinning in verse. A delight indeed!


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          I really like the opening image, the 'hoary root', that establishes your moon-as-eaten theme - wonderful notion, winsomely wrought throughout. 'Stanchions' is a powerful word here, and the Bosch reference is most apposite. Zesta!


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            Tanner , I must confess, unlike Grant and NYSonnet I cannot fathom the beautiful language that you use in most of your poems! Just like with Grant's poems, I enjoy the sound of your words, often without clearly understanding the message. My English has to get better before I can truly appreciate what you write, but I always enjoy the sound of your choice of words. Thank you for sharing!