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A Vagrant (Part VI)

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  • A Vagrant (Part VI)

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    In beginning this tale
    I warned you of great sadness,
    I told you how this male
    Was bound to ne'er feel gladness.

    But while, in his turmoil,
    While he whimpers, while he's lost,
    He's convinced his soul is spoiled
    And can feel nothing but this frost.

    Yet in his forlorn state,
    Rahmir soon meets a child,
    Reminding him of his state
    When to the streets he was exiled.

    Rahmir approached this little lad,
    Not completely knowing why,
    And asked him why his mom and dad
    Had left him on the fly.

    The boy looked up at him
    With a knowing little smile,
    A smile more like a grin
    That was somehow speaking miles.

    Rahmir tried again
    When the boy said not a word,
    When he simply stared ahead,
    Pretending he hadn't heard.

    Rahmir asked in a whisper,
    "How do you simply smile?
    How does your smile still glister
    After all that you've defiled?"

    The boy said, "you've lost someone, I'm sure,
    And I can't really blame you,
    But if you're looking for the cure,
    You must not mere make do.

    You may be feeling lonely,
    Like a vagrant on the fly,
    And though you might heal slowly,
    Might still feel empty, might still cry,

    Just know at times we all are vagrants,
    We all feel like we've had enough.
    We all miss that complacence
    That we had when times weren't rough.

    So no matter how you wish
    That you could live back in a better time,
    Its better to simply live
    And focus on the climb."

    Rahmir stared at this little boy
    Who gave advice beyond his years,
    Feeling a sudden timid joy
    Mixed with fear and hope and tears.

    This boy had something grand,
    He wielded something firm--
    Something powerful beyond demand,
    Something reckless like a storm.

    And this storm, called hope,
    Had kept this boy alive.
    It had warmed him through a steep steep slope,
    Teaching to do more than mere survive.

    So Rahmir, like the moon,
    Shared the light of this boy's sun,
    And they, together, became immune
    To the terror of the life that had just re-begun.

    Sharing wisdom, sharing pain,
    It took their hearts little to defrost.
    The boy, with a new father, though feigned,
    And Rhamir with a child like the one he had lost.

    Edana was still in his heart,
    For he knew,
    That no matter the time they were apart,
    His life would soon be made anew.

    So now that I've told
    Of the fallen romance and cure,
    I will leave you with these final words
    That will hopefully your heart assure:

    Through pain and tears and sweat and fall,
    And a life of ruin at every bend,
    Beauty will forever call
    On the soul that with strength never ends.


    End of the Vagrant saga

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    "How do you simply smile?

    You bring us full circle with the wisdom so often expressed through the mouths of children. I've enjoyed this journey so much and want to go back and review it from beginning to end. I too, appreciate the way you posted it in shorter pieces to be absorbed one at a time, but it is a saga, and I want to attempt to appreciate it as such.

    Thanks you DV. This feels like gift to read.


    • Darthvader
      Darthvader commented
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      Thank YOU for taking the time to read it, friend. It means a lot!

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    Ah...a perfect ending to a perfect tale! Bravissimo, conjuror! I agree with's been a wonderful journey alongside Rahmir. Thank you!


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      Oh, N. Y. Sonnet you continue to flatter me. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I'm so glad you liked it!


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        I finally read all of them and Wow Darth how you weaved this tale. It's beautiful and I especially liked

        no matter how you wish
        that you could live back in a better time
        its better to simply live
        And focus on the climb

        life is a journey not a destination. Truly enjoyed all of them


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          Oh, I'm so glad you read and liked them, Thanks for commenting!