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holding on to giddiness

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  • holding on to giddiness

    A thorny question
    As I gaze into your laughing eyes
    And toothless smile

    Plump cheeks
    Your arms- rolls of flesh

    One perfect wave atop a
    Gerber head
    up and over
    gentle like the Pacific
    a place of calm

    To remember the nature of impermanence
    is to ignore the true self

    Can we hold on to giddiness
    pure joy within

    A hand
    larger than our own
    may shake our world
    our snow globe in winter
    slamming it
    onto concrete
    glass shards
    among floods
    broken messes

    Light streams
    with laughter

    one perfect wave
    riding giddiness
    up and over

    from within


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    For me, the transport of delight was interrupted by the didactic philosophising in stanzas 4 (particularly) and 5. I liked it when the telling stopped and the showing resumed - that world-shaking hand said it all. I read it back to myself without 4 and 5 and it had lost nothing essential.


    • Suz-zen
      Suz-zen commented
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      thanks, Grant. I agree. I felt a 'telling' a few more times and had thought about waiting to post but pulled the trigger (before happy hour and carnitas tacos!). This was a combination of two inspirations that on further consideration ought to have been kept separate...a photograph from the 50's was one inspiration as well as the video released by the NY Times of the bombing in Manchester that mixed in my mind. I think this is where it went awry. Appreciate the thoughtful comment.

    • grant hayes
      grant hayes commented
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      Suz-zen, the content of stanzas 4 and 5 is well put, and worthy of reflection. I guess my comment might seem not to value the point you make there. My remarks pertain to the overall poetic effect, not the integrity of the axiom per se.

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    Hi Suz-zen, I fully understand what Grant says. I, however, was stopped dead in my tracks by this philosophical statement which is still rolling around in my consciousness:

    To remember the nature of impermanence
    is to ignore the true self

    Thank you.


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      Tanner Thank you... That was the message I wanted to come across most. I have a photo of myself as a 3-month-old- as I look at the face I see what I know to be my true nature - through all the 'explosions' I am still who I am when I look at a photo of me today or in the mirror in my own eyes- beyond the wrinkles , grief, dreams that seemed important or impossible... Sort of the wisdom of Popeye? I yam what I yam and that's all that I am.
      Now superimpose-
      Seeing photos of victims of Manchester and photo of the terrorist I had questions about all of these things swirling around in my mind/ heart/ soul - trying to make sense or meaning.

      Maybe this explanation makes my poem more or less relatable. I don't know. And I thank you for reading and commenting. I value your input.
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