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38 Thousand Feet

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  • mooneyblack
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    Thank you, Paula

  • N. Y. Sonnet
    A touching tribute, with a call for peace. Wonderfully done.

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Well done.

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  • mooneyblack
    started a topic 38 Thousand Feet

    38 Thousand Feet

    We were on holiday in Jersey, Channel Islands, when we awoke to the news of the Manchester terror attack. On the plane, on our way home, I could not help but reflect on the tranquillity that existed at 38, 000 feet, heaven like, masking the turbulence below.

    38 Thousand feet

    Soft velvety islands floating on blue
    Holding no fear for me or for you
    Just calm tranquillity, peace for this moment
    To reflect on how you can offer condolence.

    For those slaughtered whilst enjoying their youth
    Innocents taken for some misplaced truth
    That perpetuates evil towards fellow man
    To kill, maim and flames of hatred fan

    Today’s news seems so unreal from up here
    I cannot see earth, only scenes that endear
    Yet the turbulent descent is a timely reminder
    Of uncomfortable truths, all whilst the kinder

    People emerge to reclaim their space
    Offering compassion and love to replace
    The evil barbarity that we must defeat
    In a world which looks better at 38 thousand feet