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  • Bruce Springsteen's in the house

    I'm sitting at the reception desk imagining the following scene
    A car pulls into the parking lot, a big black stretch limousine
    The vision I have as he exits the car is New Jersey's Bruce Springsteen
    Along with my vision maybe his too, he's looking for the house of his dreams?

    The front door opens and in walks Bruce, looking all tan and loose
    Following behind is his wife Patty in red velvet high heel shoes
    'Oh my goodness hello Bruce and Patty, come in I've got good news
    If your looking for a home in the Hudson Valley, there's many a home to choose

    "Yes we are my real estate man, a home in Ulster County is definitely the plan
    Do you mind if we sit, can you give us a hand, my wife Patty can no longer stand
    We're looking for a home for five hundred grand, with plenty of rooms for my E Street Band
    A home equipped with famous name brands, and an amphitheater for my fabulous fans"

    'I've got just the home on top of the hill, your next door neighbors are Crosby and Stills
    In the town of Gardiner there's an old Grist Mill, if you love good restaurants you'll have your fill
    You can cross country ski and also downhill, there's plenty of venues with folk on the bill
    The cascading waterfalls in Kaaterskill, just an hours drive you can hike and grill'

    "Let's take a look we were BORN TO RUN, our American Dream in the hills has begun
    Our GLORY DAYS will be spent in the sun, while Patty and I drink wine from the drum
    HUNGRY HEARTS are yearning for fun, in the Catskill mountains with that special someone
    These are no BADLANDS no need for guns, you've got a deal let's get this done"

    'Ok Bruce just sign on this line, LIKE A ROLLIN STONE it's party time
    I'd like to invite some friends of mine, clients who I was happy to find
    homes in the valley away from the grind, friends who are the Hollywood kind"
    'Very cool you've blown my mind, and for your efforts your pockets I've lined


    Last edited by Bobby Del Boy; 05-23-2017, 05:06 AM.

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    I really enjoy these Bobby. Brings s smile to my face.


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      He's a boss!


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        AlexandratheLate , if you keep enjoying I'll keep writng them. Thanks my friend!


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          RhymeLovingWriter Paula, that was pretty much the perfect comeback. You have a way my friend. Thank you for gracing my page!


          • RhymeLovingWriter
            RhymeLovingWriter commented
            Editing a comment
            Ditto that my poet friend!

            PS (I debated between using 'THE' boss and 'A' boss. Did I choose wisely?)

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          RhymeLovingWriter Paula, a boss covered all the bases. Thanks!


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            Hello Bobby, I must say, you have a wild and wonderful imagination - born to run wild, and to do so with poetic zest and zeal. Glory Days, indeed. Well done! Regards, Tony.


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              Tony Grannell, ha ha ha. Thank you my friend across the pond. Your response always with youthful exuberance and zest,


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                this is American poetry at its finest!


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                  lunar glide LG, a great comment and compliment coming from a poet I highly admire!
                  Thank you poet friend.