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  • Ticking bomb

    Sometimes my life is just ticking away

    We start a brand new day

    And of course most of the days are gray

    Someday you hope in the future you will see some bright rays

    Each day I sit and hope to find my way

    Today I might even try to lose weight

    Before I sleep I can't even remember what I ate

    I used to say may I

    But lately it comes to why try

    I guess listening about Washington DC makes most of us sick

    And maybe all this talk is one big trick

    I'm sick of hearing about Russia

    I guess in the long run I hope the US can show more muscle

    It looks like each day we are just counting our losses

    And man this is happening to often

    As we watch our congress men empty our wallets

    I don't know if there will be and atomic war

    I don't want my family to shut the door and hit the floor

    I guess my brain is going in all directions

    There are just to many questions

    I guest you can say no two persons are the same

    Some people just look for the fame

    And other just look for some one to blame

    I guess I will start looking at life a different way

    And start each day and just hope and pray