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Now Sinks the Ship

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  • Now Sinks the Ship

    I'm not sure this is poetry. But it is what I am thinking. Does it mean anything to you?

    The ship is sinking.
    Wood once new,
    conceived to sail forever
    degenerates with wear.

    Sailed the angry sea,
    protecting the sailors
    on their way to destinations
    only known upon arrival.

    Broken apart on hidden coral,
    unanticipated destruction.
    Failed the ship? Failed the sailor?
    No, the sea ebbs and flows
    casting ship and sailor
    where it will.

    Now sinks the ship,
    weary of sailing.
    Sailors, build a new ship
    of old wood and new.
    Set sail upon old seas,
    blown by new winds.

    Know, once you were a sailor.
    Now you are the ship.
    Prepare your sailors
    the helm to be,
    when sinks the ship you built.
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    Not poetry? This is full of wisdom and metaphor. I think all here will agree. This is oozes poetry right down to our core! I think after surviving a house fire I know exactly what you're thinking.


    • rhymetime
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      Thank you so much Bobby
      I never know for sure. Sometimes I just write what I'm thinking. Then I am dumb enough to post it. Thanks for the encouragement

      How are "things "?

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    I can't define poetry but I can feel it here not sure why you question it?


    • rhymetime
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      Hey man
      Thanks. I'm just never sure. Sometimes I write stuff down but am not sure if it qualifies as poetry

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    Hello rhymetime, Poetry aging into wisdom in the poetry of the wise. Where the twain entwine like the meeting of great rivers to flow together into the ocean of tumbling words, waves of verse on which mariner- poets sail forever. Excellent poetry, one could taste the salt in your words. Sail on, me boy! Regards, Tony


    • rhymetime
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      Ah Tony
      I often wonder if the words, thought and arranged, match the feelings and the wisdom. The older I get the more I question. I often, now, just write it down and hope for the best

      Thank you so very much

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    It speaks of the circle of life in sailing metaphor. Very poetical indeed.


    • rhymetime
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      Indeed my friend, the circle of life was the intent. I am thankful that came through

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts