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A Vagrant (Part II)

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  • A Vagrant (Part II)

    Part I:

    It was in the northern mountains of Ire
    That this small eager boy
    His life he did acquire
    Into a home of peace and joy.

    He was born from a mother
    Whose beauty was nought
    But the sun which did smother
    The earth with a thought.

    His father was strong
    With perfect imperfections,
    He was the rhyme to a song--
    The mirror to his wife's reflection.

    They went together like a dance,
    Twisting and molding,
    Like the Moon and Sun's romance
    With a twinge of love unfolding.

    Now, they named him Rahmir
    After the light of the moon,
    For his eyes shone like the sphere
    Of an airy light on the dunes.

    His hair was black as night
    With a hint of onyx reflection,
    And his jaw was sharp and tight
    With a faint smile and a question.

    It was on that night, right then,
    That both his parents knew
    He would spin the world around again
    But fail to e'er make do.

    So they shielded him from failure,
    Despite all common sense,
    To cease his inner traitor
    To all but one expense.

    While they, alive,
    Could halt this demise,
    They both ne'er survived
    The attempt on their lives.

    Fading into the memory
    Of a boy not yet seven,
    The parents left him in a reverie
    Of an ephemeral heaven.

    Confused and destitute,
    Rahmir wandered the lonely streets,
    Sure of his failing aptitude
    To give his parents peace.


    (To be continued)
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    Keep spinning. I am intrigued. I'll tell you why too. I've often thought of an entire story done in rhyme. Though my rhymed pieces are often longer than any free verse I attempt - still I can't fathom myself actually succeeding in anything but a very short story (except with limericks - those manage to go on and on). I think it's splendid that you're sending this to us in pieces...always keeping us waiting for more!
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    • Darthvader
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      Thank you so much, RLW!!!

      If you ever post a story, do tell. I would love to hear what lovely twists and characters are spinning in your genius head.

      As for posting only little snippets at a time, the plot in my head seemed a little too long to write in one post, even if I cut it a bit. And if I posted it all in one post, I'm afraid it would be too daunting and no one would actually read it. Because I know that's sadly what I do myself 😂😂

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    Ah, the tale continues... Enchanting read!!!!


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      Yes, continue it does, N. Y. Sonnet and thanks for reading it. Your kind words mean a lot 😊