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  • A Vagrant

    Let me tell you a tale,
    A story I've known.
    We'll journey on trails
    That no soul has roamed.

    We'll whisper of dangers
    Better left untold,
    But we'll venture past layers,
    And enter the fold.

    With ears on my song,
    I'll sing through the night,
    Pulling tears from the throng
    And thoughts from the flight.

    I'll tell you of hope,
    And of love, and of loss.
    I'll tie you with rope,
    Spinning tales from the gloss.

    We'll wander through time,
    Through this world that I've built,
    Through the grime and the rhyme,
    And your mind I will tilt.

    Now, the start of this legend
    Is never so simple
    As to start with the expression
    Of the "once upon a time" ripple.

    No, this tale is too subtle,
    Too fragile, too firm
    As to spout empty rubble
    In beginning this storm.

    Instead I will tell you
    It starts with a man.
    A broken through,
    Hollowed out, ice rent scram,

    A vagrant whose eyes
    Are more dead than the grave,
    Whose stare is wise
    But filled with a mad crave.

    I will start by telling
    Of the horror and strife
    That this man was dispelling
    Before the peak of his life.

    Thus was the woe
    Of a boy in his span
    That turned his heart shadow
    And made him a cold man.

    (To be continued... soon)

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    And I await - with anticipatory excitement! Your ballads do not disappoint DV - and this is a wonderful 'hook'!


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      Thank you, RhymeLovingWriter I look forward to hear from you


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        What a beautiful start to a tale that I can't wait to finish reading!!!! I must say, ballads are my favourite -- and you have done a fantastic job with this one!!!!!! Now I need to catch up and read part II.


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          Ahh, you are are too kind, N. Y. Sonnet thanks for taking the time to read


          • N. Y. Sonnet
            N. Y. Sonnet commented
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            My pleasure - thank YOU for writing this so that I could read it!

          • Darthvader
            Darthvader commented
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            Aww that means a lot 😂😂