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  • Like Kimah or Kisel?

    Like Kimah or Kesil?

    Blue velvet skies like my blue velvet dress
    Slumbering hazy clouds slipping away
    to Kimah or Kesil they acquiesced
    bathed in warm light, then suddenly erased

    Can we tie the ropes or untie the cords
    Or lead a constellation from its place
    As the angels sing, play harmonious chords
    Our true place forget along with His grace?

    In humble awe and in great reverence
    I bow to His majestic sovereignty
    Deeply grateful for His deference
    Loving care and concern-His constancy

    How long must we ignore His sufferance
    Convinced there's no end to His tolerance
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    It is easy to fall into complacence when things seem comfortable, doesn't it? This is a beautiful reflection by a grateful daughter. Thank you Alex.


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      Thank you very Paula.


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        Beautiful in all it's reverance Alexandra. I love the way you molded your words. I'm sure our Creator is quite proud of your creation. 10,000 likes!


        • AlexandratheLate
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          Thank you very much Bobby my friend. Best to you and family. 😊

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        Thank you very much NY for the like. 😊


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          Hello AlexandratheLate, You must have wondered on a heavenly night to compose this constellation of most beautiful verse in graciousness to the Divine. Celestial excellence indeed. Regards, Tony.


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            Thank you very much Tony.


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              This is so smoothly done it flows gently with an unforced grace. A pleasure to read


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                Thank you very much Pp. I really appreciate your comments


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                  In the tradition of Donne's holy sonnets, I see, Alexandra, and finely crafted. I daresay, your God would be most pleased with this remembrance of His graces and implicit warning of a reckoning, by and by.


                  • AlexandratheLate
                    AlexandratheLate commented
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                    Thank you very much Grant. 😊