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  • Behind the fence

    The fence is twenty miles long and ten miles wide, at least twelve feet high.

    It used to be called THE PROVING GROUND now it’s a wildlife refuge.

    It seems forever, miles

    Beyond, out beyond the fence

    What criminal contained

    To fear, to dread

    What lay behind explained

    Stretching on for miles

    Once heard, it’s cannon folder

    Ordnance contained

    Trespass if you dare, walk lightly

    Cannon folder as a list of names

    Stretching on for miles

    Round by round, shell by shell

    Proving ground

    Now reclaimed their last remains

    Rumblings, layered past

    Exploding into flames

    A mile behind the fence, a mile

    Not a bloodstain to it’s name

    The forest holds it’s secrets

    Old wooded practice range

    White blue the haze uplifted

    On days lead fell like rain

    The splinters few

    The ground did too

    Scars on bark proclaim

    Who best to put a fence up

    Hells fury, hides in shame

    What was it the proving

    Killing! nature tamed

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    White blue the haze uplifted
    on days lead felt like rain

    this is amazing in the way it evokes not only a clear image, but a feeling I have not felt exactly.

    divot Great work


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      What we've done to our surroundings in the name of 'progress' is shameful. This is a wonderful write divot.


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        The largest wildlife refuse east of the Mississippi

        Containing one million rounds of unexploded munitions

        70,000 kg of depleted uranium. Completely owned by the resident wildlife. Some say they saw Bigfoot starring though the fence, other claimed it was just a mutant beaver.