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The Boy and His Toy (or The Boyhood of Kublai Khan)

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  • The Boy and His Toy (or The Boyhood of Kublai Khan)

    When I was just a little boy,
    My grandfather gave me a toy.
    It was bald and it had huge wings
    And tethered by some straps and strings,
    Which Grandpa said I should hold tight
    Until it felt right to give flight
    To my toy like a boomerang,
    And watch it rise up high to hang
    And then swoop down into a blur
    Of feathers and the bloodied fur
    Of the game which between its claws
    It brings to me. Yes, my toy was
    An eagle; a large bird of prey
    With which Grandpa urged me to play!

    (The attached image was created to accompany this and aims to depict Genghis Khan teaching his grandson, Kublai to hunt with an eagle)

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    Art inspires poetry inspires art - and the circle continues. Nice work here Raoul!


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    A beautiful piece, with a remarkable illustration!! I am always partial towards history in poetry...