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She's back from the abyss (Writer's Block)

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  • She's back from the abyss (Writer's Block)

    She's back and so is my family (I added in final line today and it fits perfectly. We're all back from the abyss!)

    Her spirit speaks with rhythm and rhyme

    inspired by what's on her mind.

    The words are never hard to find

    when she sees herself divine

    No writers block no sense of time

    all her senses are aligned

    A thought or image perfectly designed

    the writer's vision no longer blind

    The task at hand has been assigned

    the poet's thoughts no longer misaligned

    She's found her soul she's redefined

    her higher self no more confined

    Now she can rest and peacefully unwind

    another masterpiece she has signed

    My family recovers one day at a time

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    Resiliency, love and support. What a beautiful poem Bobby my friend. Sending prayers your way to you and family.


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      Bobby I am relieved and pleased for you


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        AlexandratheLate Parkinsonspoet thank you both for your continued support. We have an awesome community here and I can say with confidence, our writing helps us all to heal and sustains through fire, floods and fear. Write it down and watch our troubles disappear.....


        • Parkinsonspoet
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          Awesome community probably knows your value-you are pretty awesome too

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        Parkinsonspoet we all draw inspiration from each other with you holding a lofty position in the queue....


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          Fabulous news and fun poem. I love the way you end this verse of hope and courage.


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            We all rise and fall, some write and go on.Keep on keeping on BDB


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              Beautiful Bobby Del Boy !


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                Hello Bobby, And back you are indeed, in fine spirits and fine poetry, I may add. May you and your loved ones take each day at a time and happier the days with each new dawn. I wish you all the very, very best. Regards, Tony.


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                  rhymetime The second Suz-zen Tony Grannell thank you all for your continued support and friendship. We will hopefully be back in our rebuilt home in 6 months. You/ I can all learn the powerful healing love of community and friends when you go through something like this. I and my family are happy we're alive and well. Tomorrow my middle daughter graduates from nursing school and she will be a RN committed to serving and healing others. Then on Saturday my youngest graduates with a four year degree and goes on to graduate school in the fall. No time to be sad when life goes on in beautiful fashion. Rise from the ashes and the floods, life made easier because of love!


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                    You have a beautiful heart. My congratulations to both your children

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                  An ember still burns, the most important ones that is. Here's hoping good luck shines down on you and yours. Not a poem of regret, we're all anticipating.


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                    This just makes me smile - for you and yours, for us, in hope for all. Huge Rhymezone hugs and high-fives - so happy for your Bobby! And congrats to your daughters on their fine achievements.


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                      divotRhymeLovingWriter your words and thoughts are most appreciated. Thank you so much for being there. That's what this life is all about!


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                        rhymetime thank you friend.


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                          Somehow I missed the news of the fire... so sorry for your loss, but am glad to know that you are all well. My prayers are with you and your family! Your poem is so encouraging, and has such a great message--thanks for sharing! I am inspired by your resilience in the face of such a difficult experience. I join in with the rest in expressing most heartfelt wishes for all the best.