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  • a slice of pear

    Poetry like a slice of pear
    Brings the juice of fond memories
    Sweetly dripping on hungry skin

    In need of a soft tissue
    We wipe the forgotten grief

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    Ahh. So true.


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      excellent suz-zen. sweet, refreshing, and clean.


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        Thank You Suz-zen A pear tree in my yard when I was child many memories


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          Ah Suz-zen - I sort of sigh my way through this one.


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            As I was reminiscing about a dearly departed friend who used to cut fresh pears for me, I too sighed as I wrote this and could taste the pear's sweetness as I missed her sweet touch. The mother of my friend has been gone for over ten years and I sometimes still feel her near me.
            RhymeLovingWriter Thank you. Exactly my feeling.


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              The second arent pear tress the best? Thank you for sharing that ! Would you pick some pears and eat them under the tree?


              • The second
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                The blossoms are beautiful. As a young boy I was rarely sitting when outside. My parents rented a farm house for the first eight years of my life where this and other fruit trees were. The land lord frowned upon picking the fruit or climbing the trees, I did occasionally as a defiant young lad, disobey. The flavor of a ripe pear is unmatched. One year before we moved the tree was hit by lightning and split in half. in 1967-68 my dad took home movies of the different seasons of the tree. Thank You

              • Suz-zen
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                Thank you for the reply. I am glad that you disobeyed in this case. To recall this memory makes it worth it! And the fact that this special tree was struck by lightning makes even more stunning! Maybe a lesson to the landlord that did not allow a youngster the joys of a fresh pear under a tree.My grandparents were farmers. As a child both my grandfather and grandmother would pick fruit off of trees for us kids to eat when we helped in the groves. What a story of your boyhood! Remarkable too that your dad took movies of it. I love that!