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  • The great job

    You punch in at work at eight

    I know deep down you can't wait

    You sit down and turn on your laptop

    And you hope this time the programs don't flop

    For once this day is going great

    And just imagine its only eight

    Later that morning you were called in the office

    To meet with all your bosses

    I said to myself “What did I do now”

    Maybe they will finally tell me a get a raise wow

    The bosses told me to take a seat

    And for your anniversary at the job here are some treats

    Wow I thought I was going to get fired

    Because its almost time for me to retire

    The bosses laugh and said” You are the best we ever had”

    So at the office we never want to see you mad or sad

    You have been a hard worker all the time

    So we would like to give you some extra lunchtime

    I said is that all that I get?

    I laugh and said no free jet plane

    I said thank you to all the my bosses

    And I went back to my desk to make other job plans

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    HA! A good one! Sad, senseless and true!
    I really liked the following:

    Later that morning you were called in the office

    To meet with all your bosses

    The near rhyme of office and bosses appeals to me. I went back and read it over and over. Bravo! The conflict of getting a raise or getting fired is so real!! You never know!! UGH!!


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      It's like a roller coaster ride - all in one morning!


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        That's a beautiful verse. I've never had an office job. Because my job interviews are terrible. I can't imagine how people go through job interviews. I always get so nervous, I start shaking and sweating and blushing. My tongue stops listening to me and I start talking like a stutter. And my lifestyle is not suitable for a full-time job. I usually sleep all day and live at night. I used to look for a night jobs near me, near to my interests. So, I decided to work in 3D modeling and freelance illustration. I write to the customer, no face-to-face conversations. And the earnings are very good.
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