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The writers block

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  • The writers block

    The lonely writer sitting in his dark room

    This is one day that I hope my poetry will resume

    Every day he just keeps on getting wiser

    His mornings start early to rise

    And he just looks out the window at the blue skies

    He sits there trying to figure what to write

    Maybe I will write about last night fight

    My mind just keeps on racing

    I feel like my brain just keeps on chasing

    Maybe a black cup of coffee will do

    Maybe that will finally give me my breakthrough

    I'm sitting at the kitchen table

    I decided to turn on my old turntable

    Maybe I will just write about this lousy cable

    I guess I just can't find nothing to write about

    I guess the brain is in some kind of drought

    I just keep on watching the clock

    I guess this is another way of saying I have writers block

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    Oh how I can identify with this mournful condition. It will pass


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      Yet here you've put out a stream-of-conscious posting that writes...about not being able to write. I've done the same myself on more than one occasion.

      Great to see your name in the queue again Tonysp . Keep it up. New material often arrives unexpectedly!