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Confession of Gratefulness

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  • Confession of Gratefulness

    It is not for us to know
    Why the universe exists or came
    Into being perhaps
    In one of its infinite iterations
    Or why carbon
    Was chosen to be the building blocks
    Of life on Earth

    I am sure there are no answers in the sacred texts
    Across the millennia
    Only hopefulness of the human heart
    Laid bare and yearning

    I look out today from my office’s window this afternoon
    And see Lake Ontario
    The frail snowdrops and crocus that
    Mark this time of year

    It is good to be alive
    It is good to bear witness
    I admit my great ignorance and little knowledge of things
    Yet firmly believe there is a mysterious grace
    That infuses the fabric of our world

    The list of what I am grateful for is endless
    Abundant night lights in the sky
    Vagaries of wind
    Flight journeying of birds
    Wealth of sustaining waters
    The shade of a tall walnut tree
    Blessing of sunlight on my face and hands
    Faint murmur of insects
    Foxes in their hidden lair
    Those nearby whom I love

    With these riches
    Poverty never visits my door

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    Great message about gratitude Tanner.