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The View (From the only guy in the audience)

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  • The View (From the only guy in the audience)

    They call me Mr. Anonymous
    a name that's not synonymous
    with anything autonomous
    might as well be a hippopotamus

    Living with a bunch of girls
    sometimes for me a distant world
    discussion about their hair that's curled
    while my brain's in a constant swirl

    My name is Mr. Anonymous
    I'll never be homogeneous
    my role is quite anomalous
    somehow I'm still a part of us

    My life's sometimes like watching "The View"
    where the subject matter has nothing to do
    with my life somehow it's true
    with tongue in cheek I'm laughing too

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    I used to tell a friend who had all sisters - just remember, blessed are you among women. You've never lost your sense of humor Bobby - that's gotta' be worth something!


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      RhymeLovingWriter, yes, all in fun. I love my wife and girls. Thanks for th read and comment my friend!


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        I was raised with mostly males so I understand. Too funny but well said!! Enjoyed this.


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          Love this! I'm lucky - in my family half of us are girls, and the other four are boys.


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            AlexandratheLate yes, and as most mothers would say “did you bite your tongue in cheek? Yes Mom I did! Thanks as always Alexandra!
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              @N.Y.Sonnet 8 kids in your family? Thanks for stopping by!


              • N. Y. Sonnet
                N. Y. Sonnet commented
                Editing a comment
                Yep, there are eight of us. Thank YOU for sharing this lovely poem!