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  • Another day

    You wake up in the morning

    And you say you can't take it any more

    I guess you can say its a warning

    You get up ready to go to work

    Yon did this for ever like clockwork

    Then you start to get dress

    Even though you have so much stress

    Its like your mind playing chess

    And you are in checkmate and in one big mess

    You get in your car to go to work

    And all you have is a small sad smirk

    As I drive I end up at the closet bar

    I know I haven't driven very far

    Those drinks went down real fast

    But deep down I know it was no blast

    I'm thinking I can't go to work like this

    I will end up getting fired and dismissed

    My brain is going ever which way

    Its a wonder my hair is so gray

    I guess I will just go to the park

    And see if I can get some kind of spark

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    This does not portend another good day - only one more to be endured. You've captured the hopelessness/hopefulness - IF - things change.


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      Not bad, i pretty like it
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