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The Dueler's Creed

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  • The Dueler's Creed

    The Dueler’s Creed

    Toe to toe, blade to blade
    Warily circling the ice
    Armored and armed, a fighter made
    Each combatant rolls the dice.

    How they land, doubles or snake eyes
    Only time and the fates will tell
    Which man lives, and which man dies
    Liberty and life one man will sell

    Sell to the man with superior skill
    Or the man with fortune on his side.
    In a duel of swordsmen who seek to kill
    Death is not from what they hide

    From shame they hide, and abhor dishonor
    The Knight seeks not glory of victory
    For neither knows whence may come the hour
    When such vain qualities may cause injury

    To reputation, to their nation, or to their crown.
    For all they seek is to deftly serve
    And when, without sword in hand, one man is down
    He only prays for the death he deserves.

    Whether death by dishonor or death by sword
    The downed Fighter knows the burden he must bear
    If given the choice of which ship to board
    He knows not with which Captain he’d better fare

    All this each man knows before the duel
    Each Soldier knows the stakes are great
    But neither would be such a fool
    To turn his back on the hands of fate

    A flash of swords, a clash of steel
    Each man turns, spins, and strikes
    In one strong hand a young Knight wields
    His honor, his country, and two fragile lives.

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    Nicely done James Beckett! You get a real sense of what is at stake here.