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  • 3 Days

    I've taken twelve steps
    Exactly 3 days
    I'm removing specs
    And cleansing my ways

    Tear down my temple
    Rebuild it in 3
    It might look simple
    It's not plain to see

    Awake from my sleep
    Away from my dreams
    I pray when I'm weak
    A break from the scenes

    Some might need a week
    I just need the Lord
    When I pray, I seek
    We're now on one accord

    My temple is clean
    Just thorns on my head
    My Savior took three
    He rose from the dead
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    I have missed your poems. I don't know your personal circumstances but this poem suggests strength and resiliance so I thank you for sharing


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      Your writing leaves lots of room for the reader to begin a conversation with you...I find great beauty in that.


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        Good to see your name in the queue again! I was away for a couple of days celebrating much of what your poem relates, so am catching up now. Take care.


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          Poetic truth.