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musings on puzzlement and pizza

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  • musings on puzzlement and pizza

    When hungry
    and puzzled
    I often want pizza

    Is it calming
    I crave or
    the spice of sausage
    I need

    Never in a lover's trance
    does the temptation
    for melted cheese and dough
    flood my brain

    While holding a hot slice
    dripping with grease
    thoughts of my lover's touch
    are lost in my mouth

    Puzzlement of desire
    Overlapping brain chemistry
    Confounding tastes

    Breathing in
    Breathing out
    I follow the scent

    Choice of pleasures.

    (while reading an article the word "puzzlement" stopped me; my own brain surprises me as that word alone lead to this poem. I know it is a bit odd, but wanted to share anyway, your honest visceral thoughts are welcome)

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    Suz-zen, This is a psychological thriller. 2 kinds of cravings or urges. You can be lost in the enjoyment in both spheres which I believe have been hard-wired into our genetic makeup since the dawn of man and woman. It reminds me of the days when a lot of people smoked, and several friends (both men and women) told me that they really enjoyed a cigaret after they had engaged in sex.


    • Suz-zen
      Suz-zen commented
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      Yes, Tanner cravings and deep urges...I wanted to use that word, 'urge' but did not work exactly right. However, you have gotten the meaning as it was intededand the feel! The hardwiring is true, yet I have friends that cannot seem to enjoy a good meal when hung up on a lover...they are otherwise preoccupied. A wise teacher once said to me when I was worrying about work when out at dinner and worrying about family when at work, "be here now". if you can do that you will have a happy life. That was 1975. It has taken a whole lot of practice. It is the essence of being in the moment; where all the magic happens

      Re: Ciggs after sex. Brings to mind the old joke:
      Question: Do you smoke after sex?
      Answer: I don't know. I've never looked.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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    For some reason Pizza and Puzzles just match up perfectly. Can you cut me a piece of the puzzle please! This is fun Suz-zen. Thanks for sharing your pizza.


    • Suz-zen
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      Tahnk you bobby Del Boy! It was fun to write! Would like a anchovies?

    • Bobby Del Boy
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      Hold the chovies Suz-zen!

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    H"ow true , a clever poem well written with your usual skill


    • Suz-zen
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      Thanks so very much @Parkinspoet! I appreciate that coming from you and your clever self!!

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    This is an astutely observational poem Suz-zen. All from the word 'puzzlement'? I think your mind is magical for having paired things up this way! Bravo!

    Also, in thinking about it, both pleasures your describe are tactile - that link could be the connection?


    • Suz-zen
      Suz-zen commented
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      Yes, tactile for sure! All senses are intermingled As I thought more about it and therefore the 'puzzlement'...
      As Paul Harvey might have said... I had to have pizza last night! And THAT is the end of the story, RhymeLovingWriter And it was fantastic!!

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    Comfort food trumps lover, eh? Both consume, in one way or another. As ever, you are the doyenne of sensory evocation, Suz-zen; the geographer of desire!