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  • Give me strength

    hinking of the ones you always miss

    Your mind starts to go in a drift

    My head is high while falling in deep

    Your always thinking and along with depression no sleep

    All kinds of memories come along again

    It brings laughter, sorrow and pain

    Just thinking more you can't breath

    This 60 year old man should be within ease

    I will start each day

    Each time do it my old personal way

    I will try to walk this earth with a smile

    Even if it only last a little while

    I really never have much to say

    I guess in the public its my way

    Sometimes my tears will fall

    But I guess lately the tears are at a crawl

    Some strange and weird day dreams helps me through

    And wake up each day knowing what I have to do

    Sometimes I get real mad and want to vent

    And hopefully that will give me strength

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    Nice rhymezs, with the rhythm of the backstory.


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      Thank You


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        Sometimes we use anger to help us get through things. Nicely done TonySP.