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  • Cornish Gothic

    It was a damp dreary
    Devil of a day
    In Cornwall
    And the devil noticed

    The wind howled
    The Barn Owl hooted
    This killing machine
    Smelled evil

    The devil strode
    To Cambourne
    Lured by the sound
    Of cantankerous carousing

    Devil stood outside
    Hedonistic hostelry
    The wind cried pasty
    As its odour wafted

    The words of Cambourne Hill
    Violated the devils ear.
    Going up and down
    A fool would be easy to find

    As he got to the bar
    A rasping voice
    Said "bledy cold outside
    Me andsome"

    Devil smiled
    Restraining his disdain

    At the dullard
    Distressing dialect

    Denzils stag party
    Met the devil
    Met before the morrow
    He weds childhood sweetheart

    Devils plan cam to fruition
    Denzil sgined contract condition
    If drinking contest was lost
    His soul or first love be the cost

    The devil with jaunty step
    Came for his prize
    Sure a cornish man
    Would sacrifice his soul

    Surprised by Denzils rueful smile
    He give the devil his due
    Reached into his pocket
    Pulled out from close to his heart

    Devil undone by the crimping
    Held in hand Denzils first love
    Like every Cornish boy
    A homemade Cornish Pasty

    Me Mum says next time
    Bledy Devil wants a pasty
    Tell him go bakers
    Like every bledy one else

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    I had an idea I ran with it but not sure it was worth it


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      I love this, Parkinsonspoet. It has a wonderful, folkloric feel to it, yet set in our times. Definitely worth it.


      • Parkinsonspoet
        Parkinsonspoet commented
        Editing a comment
        When I started I envisioned somethingg with a bit more tension but as I wrote I followed my insticts which has given it a more gentle meandering tone. This fits with the Cornish concept of "Dreckly".
        The accent I used is authentic stereotype caused me a problem because ?I didn't want to stereotype but without it the folksy feel is lost. Generally I am happy with it but my failure to solve he accent issue leaves me short of what I wanted