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Thirst For Settlement.

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  • Thirst For Settlement.

    I got some ideas brewing,
    I got some truths to be spewing,
    I've got some bitter words to spell.
    I've got a thirst for settlement to quell.

    I don't appreciate the betrayal--
    The fire and brimstone hail.
    Words, you said I said to you.
    Words, we both know weren't true.
    Lies interwoven in phrases spoken,
    Hearts broken, I'm choking--
    On these things I have to say,
    Through gritted teeth, I scream away.
    I now open my mouth to say,
    That the fire still consumes,
    My memories and dreams of you.
    The fire inside, quenches the smoke--
    The thoughts so burning, even I choke.

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    Hard times do elicit harsh words. Hoping for some quenching on your behalf soon - because balm is pretty nice too.