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The Interrogation at La Esperanza (Mariona) Men's Prison in El Salvador

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  • The Interrogation at La Esperanza (Mariona) Men's Prison in El Salvador

    They always come without fail late in the night
    With quiet footsteps that augur grief
    They enter your cell
    And interrupt your last refuge of sleep
    They shout

    Stand Up!
    Don’t waste our time!

    It came out of nowhere
    The cattle prod thrust on your buttocks
    You drop to your knees
    In reflexive agony
    Cold and trembling
    Your teeth chatter like castanets in harmony
    But you do not want to grovel
    Or show cowardice

    Put on the capucha
    Let him suffocate and compose poems
    While he cannot breathe!

    The next night
    Two men enter your cell
    They handcuff you
    Behind your back and lower the pulley

    Let’s see how the avioncito
    Flies today!

    You twirl slowly in the dank air
    The pain is exquisite and almost unbearable
    This torture can dislocate your shoulders
    You take comfort in the fact
    They have not cut out your tongue or put
    Acid in your eyes
    As of yet

    Last week
    In the cell block next to yours
    Guards set off gases
    That dispersed a fine dust that left political prisoners
    Coughing up blood

    The days no longer exist in isolation they blur together
    You think it is still 1984
    Repeatedly beaten
    Deprived of sleep and food
    Threats against your family
    but you have kept your vow of Silence

    You are truly in Hell on Earth
    Not in a prison located on a small hill in the San Luis Mariona
    Section of the lower class Mejicanos neighbourhood
    On the northern outskirts of San Salvador

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