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  • In the Abattoir

    I believe that the place where an animal dies is a sacred one.
    The ritual could be something very simple, such as a moment of silence.
    No words, just one pure moment of silence.
    - Temple Grandin

    Temple remembers going through life
    As an autistic person
    Feeling anxious and threatened by unfamiliar surrounds
    Not unlike a cow’s perception in the handling chute

    At a meat processing plant
    A black cow casually saunters down a walkway
    Steps into a squeeze chute
    Where the metal hugging cage calms the cow
    On its sides
    Then it is stunned with a CASH Knocker shot
    Hung up by its feet
    Sliced open while 5 gallons of blood gush out
    Then skin and hide removed
    Cut apart with a chain saw

    In New Zealand
    Beatle Tarrant
    A home-kill specialist
    Goes from farm to farm
    To slaughter, skin, gut and quarter animals
    For a living
    Wielding a .22 caliber rifle
    Knife and chain saw

    Elsewhere city folk
    Enjoy their free range steak
    And rarely think of the chain of events
    That brought the meat
    To their table
    The cutting and dismemberment
    Blood spatter
    Is a religion of ritual carried out
    With precision
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    The image made me shutter! I have heard of native hunters that do not take the kill for granted but rather hold the sacrifice with deep appreciation and in high esteem.

    Nicely done