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Elements of loss

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  • Elements of loss

    Betrayal is the spark and guilt the flame
    It burns and consumes my sanity
    Realization that only myself I blame
    For I am the fire and the fire is me

    The heat's too intense,I must stop the pain
    Cleansing tears flow of what is meant to be
    Truth in every drop, acceptance the rain
    For I am the water and the water is me

    I dry my tears and bury the hurt
    Marked only by stone under a tree
    A dream now lies under a layer of dirt
    For I am the earth and the earth is me

    Only ashes remain from a fire burned bright
    I take a deep breath to cleanse and to free
    The breeze gathers the ashes into flight
    For I am the air and the air is me

    The air carries life for me and for you
    And sometimes fire can be put out by the rain
    The earth requires old to bring forth the new
    And remember that time can heal most pain

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    I like this Triplemoon. I like your concept and its circular nature. Thank you for posting and welcome I hope this is the first of many


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      Exquisite truth, perfectly thought and presented. I love the repetition


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        Eloquently expressed truth.


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          Beautiful use of nature and the play on the meaning of the word "elements"... you have an eloquent style.


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            Agree with those above - the title and implications it carries are carried well throughout the piece. The succession repetition of the last line of the first four stanzas with only slight alteration, also ties things together nicely. Welcome to the zone Triplemoon! I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.


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              Welcome, Triplemoon ! I am loving the following lines:
              A dream now lies under a layer of dirt
              For I am the earth and the earth is me

              Like RhymeLovingWriter I will look forward to more!


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                welcome triplemoon. nice moniker 😉


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                  I like the way this handles the four elements, and the rhyme scheme is the ideal vehicle for the testimonial-didactic content. Très charmant.