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  • Neocon Nincompoops

    Neocon Nincompoops ( c ) Glen Mitton 2017
    Cloaked in a patriotic disguise
    Neocons willing compromise
    Throwing the Constitution under the bus
    Then they say they're one of us !

    Holding up some flaming hoops
    These neocon nincompoops ,
    say , " look at all the danger here "
    Then take a back seat in the rear

    These are war mongers at the worst
    All they do is subvert and coerce
    Stirring the pot every chance they get
    They do what they do with no regrets

    These neocons are nothing new
    History has showed they belong in a zoo
    Those lions are in a cage for reason
    Let them out , and I call that treason

    Say the word PEACE they shrivel and cringe
    They become ugly and unhinged
    To neocons , war is their " Precious "
    Good Lord ! , they are so pretentious

    Their loyalty is all but an illusion
    Neocons have but one solution
    Whatever the cost send in the troops
    Let's not be thrown for another loop

    Our Constitution " for which it stands "
    Our vigilance it demands
    We must all stand in solidarity
    With Peace comes Prosperity

    Neocons make up their own facts
    We must be diligent in how react
    Your actions must take precedence
    Welcome to the office Mr. President

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    No matter one's political persuasion no one can argue with this well crafted verse