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The Nameless Hero

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  • N. Y. Sonnet
    started a topic The Nameless Hero

    The Nameless Hero

    A lad, he joined the Navy,
    With his hopes for fame and glory high
    He wondered at the dancing waves,
    He loved the grey and stormy sky

    But war then came to tear his land
    His ship, it joined the army fleet
    To sail forth and battle
    Any enemy they chanced to meet

    Too soon th’ opposing ships were spotted,
    Stretching out in endless line
    And so both sides were drawn up
    For battle o’er the heaving brine

    ‘Men, do your duty!’ was the cry
    The lad responded with a cheer
    His face and eyes with courage shone
    E’en tho’ his heart was gripped in fear

    The orders giv’n, the cannons boomed
    The air soon filled with whistling shot
    Amid the smoke that cloaked the sky,
    Our hero stood and bravely fought

    And as the sun rose o’er the sea,
    For king, his life he nobly gave
    ‘Twas grape that signed his death warrant,
    And water’s depths, his sorry grave

    As one of many more, that day
    His death, it only brought a sigh
    No one at home received the news
    No tear was shed to see him die

    This poem was written with the Battle of Trafalgar (Oct. 21, 1805) in mind; however, I believe that it is true for many other wars throughout history. So often, we lament only the number of those lost, and not their actual loss.
    As always, any suggestions for improvement/critique are (is?) very welcome.

  • lunar glide
    i think its a great concept for a poem and you did it in brilliant style.

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    commented on 's reply
    No, it's OK. Great poetry evokes emotion. It just makes me think of someone dying without anyone to mourn them.

  • N. Y. Sonnet
    commented on 's reply
    Sorry... ;(

  • N. Y. Sonnet
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks! I will try to fix it up.

  • RhymeLovingWriter
    That last line is the saddest of all.

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  • AlexandratheLate
    NY I like what you did. On the 6th stanza, the flow is not as smooth as some of the other lines. There's a couple small rough patches but overall I really like it.

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