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    The Sixth Sun • •••. What is it that you wanted from me, that a lover espouses and espies, that assay in sideward glance. Serpentarius Alimentarius. Summum Bonuu. What did Love Ask? I am patient, yes, and my word means that much more now, (to me).
    Lovers, were you so distraught with my present moment that to untread your heart garden you had to walk backwards, through cryptos and zosis, waiting to connect in Vulcan Meld, beach of colorless sand, beach weed, beach ball, beached whale full of beach girl and beach boy. Did you each Have time for Me, when you began watching through the blinds Frankenstein and his monster coordinate? Sub-void, buffer, antechamber. Did you Truly love, I wonder?
    Was i just here for your gratification--- shorn of laugh, and diseased beyond gills breathing air above water, ... Did you think to understand He whose face was unable to be Remembered?-- Lover apologize. It feels great! Did you find the gristle, bone and meat? History, perfidy.
    Did you allow the time away to stop and think? ¿ while you saw true love almost hatch, who is to say We Possess--- for even the hate you hold isn't bothersome, much, anymore.

    I know the ache to drink of that hate; isolate, and separate, and desecrate. All my happy friends in silence, did you wake, just to wait An eternity, an entirety too late to even guess at? Why do I ask for a Different solution.

    I am Sure you, being whom i drudge and grasp, in my late memory-- have found Your answer. I am not going to Stop anyone, nor will i be stopped again from being Ok. If i wanted to watch you judge me blindly, harshly, i would have just kept listening to you. If i wanted more than forgiveness for missing you, and making you feel like you Must be missed, then Why do i even Bother trying to explain?--

    Every little twitch, every brisk touch. Is death to me. To know the beginning.
    For the beginning is as we say, a priori. No way to reduce logic to lethality, without an uptuned emotional body. I am still in love. I never lied about that.

    Why though, dear, must i bear such foolishness, only to come back to you, blind again, a shrew underground; or a broken bulb on an unplugged lamp. Afternoon Midnite. With your open doors. You calcified, you cowered, in fear of light. Is That Why Darkness Is? ¿ ossified, and beautiful, you wove that web which fed you well, in dewy blood and whitest lockes of silvery hair.

    I gasp because ...
    I believed, i thought i knew you.
    I am disappointed in others
    Only so that i do not have to see
    How ruined nothing is.
    I gasp because ...
    We dove underwater
    Beneath dreamy stalks, plankton
    Seaweed undulate.

    I laugh because We
    Are as separate as we
    Will ever be.
    To you, i write my
    Dazz'ling poetries.
    To you i send this
    Poptart fire.

    I wanted to know something.
    How to be:
    Man, human, boy, female;
    We long for
    We know
    The Story.

    Christmas at my Crib.
    Birthday and Sex?
    Andromedan Slave,

    Hogging my covers.

    I know the simple answer now,
    An eternal Recurrence.

    I get throttled at the prospect
    Of candles; of cars;
    Of music in bars; of stars
    And wars that give us more.

    Money--no matter, we are
    Full of the Subterfuge.

    Clicking, cloning: East.

    Sick and Horney: North.

    Trusted and Sorry: South.

    Worriless, careless West.

    I have no explanation for the way that you act, or react.
    Especially since your actions alone
    Mean so much more to someone whom
    Has been as patient as a thirsty, wet, porous stone.

    Now, I drink

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    you hooked me with poptart fire. i love how your words are addressed to everything.