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Ugliest man alive.

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  • Ugliest man alive.

    Friend, or x.
    Solve for your blackest scorched hair turned completely
    White, to venue to concert to smile.
    ¿ are you afraid of me? Asks my Mirror.
    I can peek into it, and pretend,
    Like a moment of observing my
    Hair grow. Whiskers in the trash.
    I am not so sullen as to give you any
    More than i already deserve to have let go of;
    Im not going to blame for you
    The want of Escape, and the hell rebirth.
    Into you. A blind you. Fear doesn't touch
    You anymore, so you are the word
    Thrown into the fire of the forest booming,
    Scorching as we delite in True Love,
    And the bond we never broke, we who
    Deserve you?¿Why?

    i do not believe nor think nor express
    Dissatisfied, the opinions of my youth.
    My words a careful, deserving redress
    Against the Ugly, utter ugly,
    Both within and without.
    Nothing new. ¿ what is new ? ¿
    As you are, nothing new will ever happen.

    Tied to your own rope
    Next to heisenberg and the Noble Gas
    Balloon which exploded
    In a burning, wet, sticky bubble
    Over the mouth
    I tried to use.

    Intent, insular, result, insolence:
    Cold sentence stings a slap in the face.
    I seethe and wonder not,
    The word that you didn't believe
    I am still deciding
    What i mean.

    To you, then, to you.
    How the Night enchants, to where i utterly miss the cuddled air
    Around which our spirits glued, were somewhat there,
    Seldom dissatisfied, and never with each other. ...

    I would say the word as slowly as is possible for a human... 'Wife'.

    I would say, follow me around, and remember,
    That these clocks always tell the weather
    What to do, and where to strike lightning between,
    So that it cages the electric animal
    Padding through our dreams.

    I would say the word as slowly as is possible for a human... 'Husband'.

    Andræ. No thing but a Nullset.
    I forgot everything.

    So tired. And tired of people proving
    My inner evaluation
    Of an external event
    Which will or wont change--true;
    Proving i am
    Should be.

    As if the two things weren't
    All i really am. ...

    His ugly face,
    He used to make me
    I used to be able to smile around him. ...
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    Today I offer a hand we all have uglyness and blackness but we are not alone.However we may feel

    I look in the mirror and ponder
    How can it be diminished
    Soul shrunk as my body fattens
    A husk of my earlier self
    Dis-figured by selfpity
    Ugly in not just the eyes but
    The existence of the beholder
    Bed soiled with the disdain
    Felt at marriage sunset
    To have felt love become disregard
    To have felt love returned unopened
    To have felt love

    To remember my pride
    To remember

    I shake and I quake
    Nothing to offer
    But depreciation
    Hope heartless haunting
    Shows mre the reflection I once was
    Taunted by pasts harmony
    Future become torture
    Nothing will be left undiminished

    Yet I bother to write why
    I reach out to myself
    Because I am a fool
    Yet a fool who is still alive
    I will rise from my bed like a god
    Only a deity of backpain
    Could crawl out to untwist
    And unravel posture and
    Return to human shape
    My daily miracle complete


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      Nicely done, sir. Very glad you shared... Was it the tone of the two pieces which were similar? Certainly, my take is relationship and selfhood. The end concludes with that 'deprecation' which is healthy to an extent and honest, though that attitude usually doesnt last?

      Early in the AM i notice some sort of commingling. Definitely not the brightest of pieces. I was in a fury before sleep last night.

      This one worked to help me realize the truth of me. You said, to remember my pride, to remember.

      Thanks much for sharing. Have a sunny day!!!


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        I felt there was a similarity of tone here and mine was an unfinished piece I had put to one side. The rawness of the two pieces seemed to go together. Hope you had a sunny day too.


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          amenOra, I relate strongly to this. Wonderful phrasing and controlled sense of drama. Confessional, reflective (?boom tish) and engaging. The keys Wife and Husband were well deployed. Brilliant wordfest movingly meaningful. Salutes all round!


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            thanks, gents. im glad we enjoyed! .x