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  • The Hacker's Hex

    For all of you Hackers who give Us such Trouble,
    I send you a Hex in the Form of a Bubble.

    It travels through Planes.
    It travels through Trains.
    It travels through Brains.
    It travels through Drains.

    Puts gas in your Guts.
    Puts rash on your Butts.
    Puts snot in your Nose.
    Puts grease on your Toes.

    Puts dots on your Nipples,
    your Face full of Pimples.
    Puts wax in your Ears,
    and Soap in your Tears.

    Puts poop on your Hand,
    your Shorts filled with Sand.
    Puts glue on your Chair,
    with Nothing to Wear.

    For all of you Hackers who Give us such Trouble,
    why Gamble your Future on Hex in a Bubble?