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All of our Days end in "Y" - Why?

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  • All of our Days end in "Y" - Why?

    All our Days now end in “Y,”
    time to Change them – why not Try?
    The names we Have are getting Boring,
    “Spark” your Life and start Restoring.

    Begin the Week on a “Mondid,”
    what to Share and what to Rid?
    The next in Line would be “Tuesdot,”
    Utilize what You’ve been taught.
    Follow that with weird “Wednesdud,”
    a Hump Day change to Charge your Blood.
    Then there’d the slow “Thursdip,”
    into the Weekend start to slip.
    Certainly there’d be “Fridab,”
    cement your Plans and start to Gab.
    At last would be hot “Saturdop,”
    party Hard and do not Stop.
    Finally would be “Sundug,”
    to rest you Bod – refresh your Mug.

    If this Takes then in Short Time,
    new Names for Months is next in Line.

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    I'll start - hope you have a happy Fridab Bob!


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      Same to you - thanks!


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        I got a bit lazy this Thursdip and now Fridab is looking to be the same... And yet I have to prepare for a client meeting on Saturdop! No, wait - I think he said "Saturday" - when's that???

        Wednesdud is definitely my favorite though!


        • N. Y. Sonnet
          N. Y. Sonnet commented
          Editing a comment
          I agree. Wednesdud is certainly more interesting than Wednesday.

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        Maybe we can make that day a little better then?


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          I greatly enjoy the premise of this rhyme, and the inventiveness of your proposed alternatives, Bob. Zesta!


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            Thank you!