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A Rhyme - To Rhyme - With Rhyme

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  • A Rhyme - To Rhyme - With Rhyme

    I never Will forget the Time,
    that I Pulled out a Nasty Dime,
    from some Gooey Purple Slime,
    then Decided it was Mine,
    it is Really not a Crime,
    to take and Wash off all that Grime,
    and Bring it Back into its Prime,
    without the Use of one Enzyme,
    with Elbow Grease and Pantomime,
    was Sent to Live in Anaheim.

    I’m sure I’m not the First in Line,
    to write A Rhyme – To Rhyme – With Rhyme.

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    So clever!! Fantastic, I love it! Reminds me of myself when I was younger, always on the lookout for coins on the ground. I think the most I ever collected at one time was ten or twelve euros.


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      Thank you. I picked up a dime off the sidewalk yesterday then woke up in the middle of the night with part of that rhyme in my head. I got up to write it down - went back to bed - and completed it this morning.


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        That's generally how I write my poems, too!