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  • "I.Q"

    Do you Have a high IQ ā€“
    if Answers on a Test you Knew?
    Or sit right Down to play the Keys -
    and learning Bach is such a Breeze?
    Or hack that Site in seconds Flat -
    include Yourself within the Chat?
    Or win the Game with unique Plans -
    to the Sounds of Screaming Fans?
    Be the One to find the Cure -
    the Gift of Life to some Insure?
    Or be Inventor of the Thing -
    that Jobs for Many it does Bring?
    Knowing Iā€™m not Either One,
    even After I've Begun,
    but Smart enough that I Control,
    my Tongue from touching Frozen Pole.

  • #2
    yes, winter in M.O. is bad, my oldest brother stuck his to a pole a time or two. lol


    • #3
      i think iq tests were made for parents to feel their children are above average. after a certain age they are irrelevant.


      • #4
        I like your humor, as usual Bob, but was thinking along the lines of LG - so many great accomplishments require more than a keen intellect. Like hard and consistent effort to win the prize or meet the goal. Still, I suppose a higher IQ helps in some ways. I don't think I've ever had my IQ tested. If so, was never privy to the results.


        • #5
          Thank you. I am not certain of mine either but I doubt that I qualify for Mensa.