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The lady wears red

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  • The lady wears red

    The lady wears red

    Her eyelashes waved at him seductively
    As she slightly parted her pouty full lips
    Under the street lights, her skin glowed sublimely
    As his appreciative eyes outlined her hips

    The woman in red

    Sadly, she's done this so many times before
    Getting ready for the role she's had to play
    Gone the innocent days under the sycamore
    The life before her husband had past away

    The color red becomes her

    Tears quickly brushed away from her aging face
    Separates who she really is from this role
    Refuses to think that's she's fallen from grace
    give almost anything to feel like she's whole

    Reapplies red lipstick to her lips

    Negotiating a price doesn't take long
    Groceries for her two children and for the rent
    Never imagined the day she could be strong
    On her way home, herself she re-invents

    The lady wears red

    Comforting mother, sweet angel of light
    Forces a smile as she swallows her pride
    One day at a time, doesn't think of her plight
    Love for her children pushes shame aside

    At home the lady never wears red

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    Wow, This is very strong, Alexandra!


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      Thank you very much AnatoliyS.


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        Such a beautiful story. Perfect reminder not to judge on site or preconceptions.


        • AlexandratheLate
          AlexandratheLate commented
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          Thank you so much Rhymetime. I'm glad you liked it.