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Thoughts from the Road: Have you ever?

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  • Thoughts from the Road: Have you ever?

    Inspired by a Mike Lupica column on Jimmy Breslin...
    Pete Hamill quote from column! "It is a day to both mourn and celebrate.".
    I love this and I hope you do too on the day of my daughter's birth.

    Have you ever had a day where you both mourned and celebrated?
    Of course you have! A day where you memorialized a loved one.
    Remembering all the love they heaped on you through the years.
    How that loved one was there for you in your darkest times to lift you up
    and put you back on the path of your personal success.

    Yes you are sad that you no longer will be able to hug that person on this physical plane
    or hear their infectious laugh while sitting around the dinner table.
    Your sadness however turns to joy
    when you realize they have joined other loved ones
    who are now soaring with the angels, no longer in mental or physical pain.
    Walking with our beloved pets across the Rainbow Bridge.

    Listening to the hum of angel voices, ethereal sounds foreign to our limited ears.
    Colors and planets billions of light years away within their grasp.
    Yet, if we close our eyes and go to sleep thinking of our loved ones,
    they will lay down beside us and say, I am here my child.
    Celebrate with me here, now and always.
    Don't be sad, life is everlasting!
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    Lost in the Derby


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      not lost! this is just beautiful Bobby! anyone who has ever mourned will appreciate this.


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        I agree with LG, Bobby. It's beautiful and I'm glad I got to read it.


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          lunar glide thank you for passing the baton. Also, for your read and comment.


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            AlexandratheLate thanks friend!