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  • Nostalgia

    My story
    Your story

    Achive of fondness
    Where we drive away
    Pasts demons
    Leaving rose tinted

    An El Dorado
    Of memories
    Offering treasure
    Glories return
    Exalted eternal

    Listen to lessons
    Review rhetoric
    Laterday Canutes
    Washed away by
    Technologies tide

    Protect nostalgia
    From politics annex
    Natural habitat
    Gathered with friends
    Around a beer
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    nice end, a pub in nowhereville


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Ah my friend most people live in Nowheresville, so if you lived there what better way than to spend an evening with friends memories and beer

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    Ah, nostalgia--one of my favourite feelings!!! You captured it beautifully--bravo! I especially love the line "An El Dorado of memories..." So eloquent!


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      Memories and sharing with friends. Made me feel warm and fuzzy.


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        Yes, nostalgia's to do list. We must continue to gather over and around a beer.


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          also, curiousi.


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            One day! Its on my bucket list. Beers with PP and Bobby


            • Bobby Del Boy
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              Yes LG and PP, let's keep that dream alive!

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            Fyi i posted one called nostalgia here a while back. Not as witty as yours but interesting how we can have different takes on a subject ,😀


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              Beyond the nostalgia, you have conjured,
              this is a first rate poem, with a melodic flow!

              I especially like:

              Achive of fondness
              Were we drive away
              Pasts demons
              Leaving rose tinted


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                You keep your verse short and sweet Jon - but the depth beyond the brevity speaks volumes.


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                  Parkinsonspoet I am with Dwayne on this ... enjoyed the flow and the imagery. the feeling felt real for me and the 'leaving rose tinted' was perhaps my favorite!


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                    @-n-y-sonnet Suz-zen RhymeLovingWriter Bobby Del Boy amenOra DWAYNE lunar glide AlexandratheLate Thankyou all for your kind words.
                    LG i read your poem and we have a completely different take but with some shared ground.This poem is in a way a companion to crouton. The phrase Pollitical crouton came to me a while ago evoking images of someone an intelllectual dried out husk.I more recently realised how successful some polliticians have been at using nostalgia. Trump and "makingAmerica great again" This gave me the backbone of a poem that became Crouton. After writing I wanted to write another but a different emphasis still with a warning but one positive about nostalgia.This became Nostalgia

                    Ps LG On your buket list for drinking that coud be a challenge- hope there is not a hole in yur bucket.
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                      lunar glide
                      I bring along my bucket
                      For my list
                      A voice rings out
                      From out of the mist
                      Moon serenades
                      Is it pissed?
                      There a hole in your bucket
                      DearPoet Dear Poet
                      A hole in your bucket
                      Your bucket a hole

                      With what should I mend it

                      I inquired a bit tired

                      Mend it with straw Dear Poet Dear Poet
                      Mend it with straw Dear Poet with straw.

                      Can't I just buy a new one

                      A nice shiny blue one

                      Straw wont even glue on

                      So will collect money for Parkinsons

                      Sorry sort of run ut of steam-just a bit of foolishness for LG


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                        HahaI love it!


                        • Parkinsonspoet
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                          And the moral of the story for all its Lunar awesome ness the moon is crap at mending buckets